Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Photography And Video

You may remember we’re dipping our toes in professional travel photography, since that’s very complementary to a travel blog and all…

… but clearly, we need to up our game a lot from our current “point the iPhone in vaguely the right direction and hope for the best” level of photographer skill if we’re going to get anywhere with that!

So we googled around a bit, and figured that an appropriately focused reference of that kind to get started with would be:

Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Photography and Video

The best-selling Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Photography is written by internationally renowned travel photographer Richard l’Anson. He shares his wealth of experience and knowledge about travel photography in this jargon-free guide to taking better photographs.

This new edition has been thoroughly updated and refreshed with up-to-the minute advice, information and instructions on how to take amazing travel photographs using the latest digital cameras. It also includes tips on how to get great results from smartphones, DSLR cameras, drones and GoPro action cameras…

OK, well other than DSLR and we’re considering that, describes the everywhs.com Media Production Arsenal perfectly … so we decided to go ahead and check that one out.

And our entire review is:

Yep, it’s solid. Get it!

Far as we can tell it’s accurate and comprehensive enough to be a reference good at least for the near future while technology marches on, and we don’t see anything that could be done much better in book form.

And we are not alone in that assessment — as we write this, check the reviews on the Amazon product page there and they are all five-star. Have you ever seen a book with only five-star reviews? Nope, that’s the first for us.


p dir=”ltr”>So if you have wild-eyed dreams of becoming a Respected Professional™ like we do, or just want to get more likes on your selfies, we thoroughly recommend you follow our affiliate link to pick that up today!

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