Meetup Flight Search: Kayak Rendezvous

While we’ve had the occassional post on how to hack solo travel flight plans, there is one area of flight planning which we have not addressed: All of you Dear Readers in long distance relationships, what you care about the most isn’t how cheaply you can get to some exotic destination most people have never heard of never mind find on a map, it’s how to most cheaply rendezvous for some live time with your distant paramour, amirite?

Well, as it happens, flight search aggregator extraordinaire has introduced a tool specifically for you!

KAYAK Rendezvous

Doesn’t get much simpler than that — matter of fact, looks like any other flight search with two endpoints and dates, right? — but the trick is, instead of finding a flight from point A to point B, it’ll come up with a list of the cheapest point C to fly to from each.

As you see above, for instance, we put in our current Bangkok residence and Vancouver where our Dear Parents reside; and let’s ask Rendezvous where the cheapest place would be for family dinner this Christmas, shall we?

And it turns out that the very cheapest are the Nordic countries, followed by Central Europe capitals. Which isn’t overly surprising, but it’s certainly convenient to have them all ranked by price —

— at the very least, it gives you an excellent starting point for conducting searches with the usual box of flight hacking tools. So keep Kayak Rendezvous in mind for the next time you are, in fact, planning a rendezvous!


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