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So travelling in 2017, the most important thing on your mind planning your tour isn’t anything about the actual visit, it’s how am I getting my selfies up! amirite Dear Readers?

We kid, we kid. For one thing, splashing your visit all over social media beats all hollow the pre-Internet days when The Vacation Slideshow was a staple boredom of middle-class existence. Don’t miss those days, nope, not a bit.

Any-ways, our topic for today is how to go about keeping connected whilst on the road without your bank account disappearing into data roaming charges!

Best plan is nearly always to pick up a local SIM, and there are various tools to help you with that such as the website or this Local SIM app … but none of them seem to be all that comprehensive or reliable, just looking around the airport arrivals area is as good a plan as any.

But, if you travel as … kinetically … as we do, you’re always there at the wrong time, or in too much of a hurry, or you need to have data as soon as you land, or whatever, and what do you do then?

What you do then is, you sign up for an account with one of the people who sell SIMs that work in multiple countries. Sure, it costs more than the local SIM probably, but not as much as roaming with your home plan will almost certainly.

(Yes, there are some “free worldwide” plans … but check the speed and limits, they’re usually not as effective as the advertising would have you believe…)

There’s a variety of them out there, but today we’re going to recommend the two that we’ve been using for multiple years — KeepGo and GigSky:

KeepGo we’ve been using since 2012 when it was called, and our nearly five-year-old review of our first trip with it still holds up pretty much:

… Worked out about a fifth the price of what our carrier costs us for roaming data travel packs, plus better coverage; besides various mainland countries, we wandered off to outlying bits and pieces from Madeira to Melilla — and absolutely everywhere we had any cell signal at all, our “Europe” SIM worked flawlessly.

You could probably shave off a few more bucks by hunting down local carrier data SIMs each place you visit sure, but for sheer convenience? No beating these guys. Check out the Engadget review for more discussion …

Follow our affiliate link to check out their offerings, you get 15% off and we get 300MB data. That’s always handy!

When heading to a country that isn’t covered by KeepGo, our backup is GigSky:

The compelling reason for us to pick GigSky is that it was tied into the Apple SIM that ships in cellular models of iPads, so it made sense to pick a data SIM for our phones from the same company, try to keep things in the same place and all.

Although even if you’re not one of the Apple-using computerati, GigSky is still a solid choice; see this review here where they compare it with KeepGo plus a bunch of other options we’re not discussing here since we have no experience with them — and decide yep GigSky is the best.

And if you follow any of those affiliate links, you’ll see GigSky‘s asking you for a referral code; put in code ALEX149 and we each get $10 of credit. That’s always handy too!

And one more good reason to pick GigSky: They’ve been running competitions the last little while to submit your travel photos, handing out $50 credit to the winners: We were pleased as punch to be one of those last time around with the Potala Palace selfie we use pretty much everywhere…

… and if we can win, Dear Reader, we’re quite certain you have an excellent chance as well!


Also check out the Flexiroam X: #travel Data SIM Sticker and Skyroam Solis: Powerbank + Unlimited Wifi!


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