So today we’ll look at the trailblazer of the travel scoring websites,

It was started in 2005 by Charles Veley who decided that a great use of his dot-com winnings would be to make a road rally out of scooting all around the globe as quickly as possible, and threw up a scorecard site for others of like mind. Currently it divides the globe into 875 parts, due to member voting:

MTP’s original Master List of 573 countries and territories began by rationalizing the 4 most commonly-used existing lists (TCC, Guinness, DXCC, and John Todd lists) into a single, more detailed list. Each of those previous 4 lists accounted for certain areas differently, resulting in confusion, and many competing claims. Since then, MTP voters have added 300 items to the list, mostly by voting to divide large countries into their constituent states or provinces.

The rules to count as a visit are more restrictive than the anything-goes Travelers’ Century Club:

For the purposes of this website, a visit shall be as follows:

  1. Across borders where immigration is regulated, official entry must be made through immigration/passport control.
  2. Across borders where passport control does not exist or is unregulated, such as between states within a country, or between countries under a common border agreement, such as the EU, the traveler must stand with both feet on land fully within those borders. This includes landing on islands. Sailing through territorial waters alone does not count, nor does flying through territorial airspace.
  3. In the case of islands where landing is prohibited by law due to wildlife concerns or other natural heritage status, it is acceptable to touch a portion of the island above the waterline (whether while swimming or from a boat) in lieu of landing.

Nobody has completed the entire list so far; closest is Don Parrish who just completed the TCC list, at 852 with 23 to go. That’s a lot of places!

The most interesting to us feature of MTP though is that it also tracks inscribed WHS sites; Bill Altaffer is the current leader there, with an astounding 961 logged. There’s also other lists: beaches, golf courses, dive sites, Michelin 2 and 3 star restaurants, if you find those interesting enough to spend time tracking.

Unlike TCC, there’s no qualifications or cost involved with MTP; just sign up and start ticking your visits off. Currently there are 12,204 members, and you can see their demographic breakdown by country, gender, and age as well as the realtime scoreboard. So we thoroughly encourage you to join MTP, the more the merrier!

UPDATE: is now!

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