MTP’s 19 New Places For 2019


Want somewhere really really off the beaten path to go in 2019? Well, extreme traveler checklist site Most Traveled People decided that 874 just isn’t enough places for you to visit, so there’s 19 new places (and one removal) to the list this year, to make 891 total:

New Year, New Locations!


Hello Everyone,

As promised, we added locations to the MTP list on Christmas Day – 19 in all – and removed one item (Sapmi).  Some of you have asked whether the voting system we had in place prior to 2010 would be reinstated, and the answer is ‘no’ for now.  That system was quite difficult to construct and maintain, so we are following the path that the late, great Alan Hogenauer once requested in the midst of our voting frenzy. “I think we would all just prefer a Benevolent Dictator”, said Alan.  So that’s what we’ve got for now.

The locations which were added came about from two categories:

  1. Locations which had been tracking high on the list when voting was last suspended
  2. Locations which made geographic sense as I set about redrawing the entire land area of the Earth in polygons earlier this year (for the red/green map)

The total list of additions is as follows (in alphabetical order):

  1. Baarle Hertog (and Baarle Nassau)
  2. Brcko District
  3. Isla Salas y Gomez
  4. Izu Islands
  5. Jervis Bay Territory
  6. Kinmen (Quemoy) Islands
  7. Madha
  8. Matsu Islands
  9. Matthew & Hunter Islands (and Walpole)
  10. Nahwa
  11. Northwest Angle
  12. Northwestern Hawaiian Islands
  13. Nukumanu Islands
  14. Outer Hebrides
  15. Point Roberts
  16. St. Kilda
  17. Tudjuh Archipelago
  18. Vojvodina
  19. Wuqui Islands

Sapmi was removed for a few reasons:

  1. It was a reference only from John Todd’s book Race for the World, which was one of the original lists used in the construction of MTP. No other organization has recognized it as a separate entity.
  2. It’s borders are indistinct and it is a geographic overlay, so it’s difficult to represent on our maps.
  3. Less than 10% of the population within the general area identify as Sapmi, so it is not even very culturally distinctive.

This is not the first set of changes to the MTP list, and it certainly won’t be the last.  Our great world is constantly changing, and MTP will evolve as necessary to best reflect the accomplishments of extreme travelers like you.

Thanks as always for your support, and a very happy, healthy 2019 to each and every one of you as you continue on the Road to Everywhere!

We’ve been to Point Roberts, as it’s just a stone’s throw from Vancouver where we used to live, and Vojvodina back in the Yugoslavia days — but these other 17, not only have we not been to, most of them we haven’t even heard of before!


p dir=”ltr”>Interesting and quirky places all of them though, so check those links out for some geographical trivia to start your 2019 off with, and sign up for MTP if you haven’t already!

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