Points Travel: Millionaire Mob’s Power Tips

Here’s a great article on tools for making the best use of your hotel and airline points, a couple of them are new to us too!

5 Powerful and FREE Tools to Book Award Travel and Use in Credit Card Churning

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Not to steal their readers or anything here, we’ll just list the tools here to encourage you to click through:

AwardWallet: Manage your reward balances

r/AwardTravel Subreddit: Helpful Redditors to ask questions of

Scott’s Cheap Flights: Another cheap flight alert newsletter

AwardHacker: Destination flight search engine focused on using points

Award Mapper: Destination hotel travel planner

Any of those look interesting — and they all shouldclick through and read the article!

And while you’re at it, here’s some more articles over there on how to create those points, mostly applicable to our Dear United States Readers:

Understanding the Basics of Credit Card Churning

How to Do Credit Card Manufactured Spending in 2018


p dir=”ltr”>Read, learn, and enjoy!


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