Roundup: Scorecard Sites And Apps

So the last few days we’ve gone over the sites that we use to track our travels,

But there’s lots of others out there in the cloud! Here’s a list of some interesting ones we’ve noticed, and we’ll keep this list updated as they come and go. Let us know what your favorite is if you don’t see it here!

  • TravBuddy — “the web’s #1 site for finding and meeting travelers” will
  • NomadList, a social network for digital nomads, shows your trips and a map on your public profile
  • does country maps and has tip snippets
  • Matador Network is another social network for travelers
  • TripAdvisor Travel Map lets you pin the cities you’ve been to
  • is another reviews site said to have a mapping feature
  • shows a map of where you’ve flown

If you have an iPhone, here’s some iOS apps to check out as well. We haven’t tried any ourselves, so we’ll list them in order of their last published update, that being a generally solid guide to how much future support to expect:


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