Scuba #travel: Jomtien Dive Center, Pattaya, Thailand

As you may remember, scuba diving is the Official Sport of since that’s how you visit the 71% of the planet not covered by air, and we’ll be letting you know about dive centers that we recommend to you.

First one today, for all of you planning to visit Pattaya, Thailand to go scuba diving — and what other reason could there possibly be?Jomtien Dive Center!


Our mission is to share our passion and enthusiasm for scuba diving through training, instruction, certifications and mentoring. Our purpose is to inspire and develop new divers while encouraging certified divers to remain active by offering scuba events and dive travel. In a nutshell, we want you to say, “WOW! This is amazing!”

At Jomtien Dive Center in Pattaya, we believe that every customer does count. It is vitally important that we give all our customers the best experience we can. That ultimately means having to go that extra mile, listen to all their needs and concerns. We aim to provide an experience that is safe, interesting and Fun so that all our customers will remember and take away some great memories.

We always exercise a high level of dive training and professionalism, incorporated with a ‘must have fun’ attitude, without any shortcuts. Although we constantly stress safety and skills practice, we want you to relax and enjoy the ride. We help build underwater experiences, not just sell you a product or service…

Agreed on all counts; the collective staff has been out with them for 24 dives now, and we’ve been nothing less than impressed every time with their organization, instruction quality, and friendliness.

That’s a generally held opinion too; check out their TripAdvisor reviews, and their Facebook page!

Also they deserve an extra big thumbs up for going out of their way to head their dive boat to the best sites for the day, even if that turns out to involve … negotiations … with the Royal Thai Navy Submarine Squadron:

But for an unretouched second opinion on their service, check out our Thai division’s happiness with their Open Water certification from Jomtien:

PADI Open Water Cert

So, yep. We took a couple specialties from them too while she was getting that sorted, but we’ll make another post about that with some gear recommendations…

… in the meantime, we’ll leave you with this pose setting off on the boat for those!

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