Skyroam GoData Subscription Launch

Update today on your traveling data options! You may recall our Mobile #travel Data SIMs and Flexiroam X: #travel Data SIM Sticker pieces, as well as the Skyroam Solis: Powerbank + Unlimited Wifi combination; well, that last has a new option that will no doubt be interesting to the frequent traveler:

Skyroam GoData Subscription

Skyroam GoData Subscription


The big launch day is here! We are happy to announce Skyroam GoData, a new subscription based on feedback from users that they’d like to use Skyroam for everyday use on-the-go and have full control over data speeds. How it works: 

  • Get 1GB of always fast, full speed global 4G LTE data – $9/mo (or 8€/mo).
  • Need more? Buy more data anytime for only $9/GB (or 8€/GB). 
  • Get the best local connection at home or abroad with the GoData subscription. 
  • Learn more about this plan here. 

Well, if you’ve got devices to share and a foreseeable need to roam frequently, that could be quite the deal indeed! At the very least, it’s an option for you to be aware of.


p dir=”ltr”>Not sure if our giftcard code EVERYWHS to get 10% off when you follow the referral link applies to this new subscription offering or not — but check it out and let us know!

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