TBT RIP — Welcome NomadMania

Remember when we were going over the big scorecard sites, and noted that TheBestTravelled.com was the most comprehensive of them? It’s gone!

OK, it’s not really gone, just undergone a remake to: NomadMania!

Nomad Mania


What is happening here and why?

TBT Nomad Mania
 is taking over what has been The Best Travelled for the past 5 years. We will keep the initials TBT as part of our name, and will still probably be ‘affectionately’ known as The Best Travelled, however in all our branding from now on, we will be NomadMania. There are many reasons for this change, primarily technological progress which implied having to rebuild the whole site from the start, but also our feeling that The Best Travelled sounded too similar, and was often confused, with other projects – which we are not! NomadMania, almost an international and easy to remember name, can also be read as ‘No Mad Mania’, so take your pick.

What are the changes about?

We can identify three categories – elements that are staying the same, elements that are being deleted and elements that are changing. We will describe all of these below. The most obvious changes are a new logo and new colouring and fonts – while blue still remains a key colour, it is now complemented by brick read and contrasts of black and white. The logo looks more like a passport stamp – somewhat worn – while clearly stressing our new name…

The actual lists seem to be pretty much unchanged, and the verification mechanism remains in place, so our evaluation remains unchanged that if you really seriously enjoy meticulous recordkeeping, this is the site for you:

    • Series. While the content of Series has remained unchanged from what was online, their organisation has been significantly upgraded and they have been classified in groups. World Heritage Sites are now part of the Series and whatever Scores you have will count toward the ‘Cumulative’ Series Scores. There are 6 Series groups now, and for each one we have identified Group ‘Masters’, which gives you a much bigger chance to be high ranking in what interests you most. The Series Groups are as follows
      • Wonders – includes WHS, Tentative WHS and Sights
      • Geography – includes World Capitals, Islands, Borders and XL
      • Urban – includes all 4 Cities Series (and World Cities which comes from these and does not count towards the totals)
      • Transport – includes Airports, Airlines and Routes, Railway/Metro/Funiculars/Cable Cars
      • Intellectual – includes Museums, Castles/Palaces/Forts, Religious Temples
      • Outdoor – includes Festivals and Experiences
      • Note that SISO and CHAD are not presented as part of a group and their scores do not count toward the ‘Cumulative’ Series Scores. They are accessible in their own right…

Since we personally do not in fact enjoy meticulous recordkeeping, in fact could verify our visits pretty much only by complete accident of not throwing out stuff we’d meant to…

… well, we’re not planning any particular effort to join that community since they’d promptly throw us right back out!

But if you, Dear Reader, do keep records around to meet their verification criteria, and if for some reason knowing that other people’s claims have been verified matters to you —

— we thoroughly encourage you to join them; they are almost certainly the most comprehensive measurer of travel experiences we’re ever likely to see!

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