The New Most Traveled People:

You may remember us mentioning before that was the first, and our favorite, of the travel scoring websites — and today, it’s debuting a complete rebuild that makes it an even better choice for your travel tracking:

Welcome to the New MTP!

The New Most Traveled People:


Well, since you found your way here, you’ll be aware that we have a new MTP website, here at !  Welcome!!

This new website was built from the ground up to improve user experience and stability, as well as provide greater flexibility for growth and innovation going forward.  Nearly all of the functionality of the old site has been recreated (and I hope is now easier to use), along with a few new touches.  You will also see ongoing enhancements as we settle in.

With our new flexible platform, the MTP list of 874 (which has been generally static for many years) can now begin to evolve, to better reflect the proper division of the land area of the world. Our original voting system resulted in a list which is currently out of balance in spots, and could use adjustment.  Announcements on this front will be made separately in the near future…

We’re particularly pleased with the nice new Mapbox maps — and even more pleased that now you can link up your Facebook account and share them there! Here’s our progress so far, not Hall Of Fame (500 regions) yet, but we’re getting there:

My World Map

There’s lots of plans in the works to make the new MTP an even better experience, and we are in fact involved directly with those, but nothing ready to announce just quite yet. In the meantime, if you are an MTP member, check out the new site, and if you’re not, join today!

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