#travel App: Trips by Lonely Planet

As we’ve mentioned before, we’re rather skeptical of the entire concept of social networks for travellers — seems to kinda miss the whole point of travel the way we see it, which is to get involved with the locals, not hang out with other foreigners.

Find us partying on Khao San Road? Not a chance. Living in any of the 5 of The Best Areas for Expats to Live in Bangkok? Ha-ha, no.

However, when there’s a new one from venerable industry fixture Lonely Planet,

Trips by Lonely Planet

and especially when it rates a tweet by @AppStore,

yeah ok we’ll take a look:

Explore every day with Trips by Lonely Planet – a beautiful, simple and intuitive way to share travel experiences. Upload photos and videos to your timeline, then share your trip with your friends, family and fellow travellers. Discover new places, be inspired by stories from the Lonely Planet community and start planning your next adventure…

So, it’s a data-heavy TripAdvisor then? It’s downloaded while we typed this, let’s go take a look …

… ok, not a guidebook as we’d expected, it really is just a blogging platform far as we can tell. Uh, ok, and why would I post here rather than on a blog or a conventional social network? Not really getting it.

Well, it is nice to browse these media heavy posts, we’ll give it that, let’s see how nice the iPad layout is — wait, what, it’s not even native resolution on iPad? In 2017?

Riiiiight … well, that’s it for our trial. Download it and take a look for yourself if you like, and if you find some reason to keep it around, let us know what that is!

(PS. If you do want a useful app from LP, Guides by Lonely Planet is an Editor’s Choice that’s worth checking out!)

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