#travel Gear: FLIGHT 001

If you’re looking for some new travel gear, or if you’re looking for a present for a near and dear to you traveller this Christmas, we’ve got a recommendation for a good place to go shopping: FLIGHT 001!

And no, we didn’t take any kind of sponsorship for this (although we will make a few pennies commission if you have the excellent taste to tap those Amazon links there): a couple visits to klia2 ago we were killing layover time shopping, stumbled across a store with some FLIGHT 001 gear which was new to us, and in particular this Seat Pak thingy here looked like just the thing for organizing inflight fiddly bits:

Seat Pak

Been carrying it around a couple months since and why yes, we’d definitely consider it worthwhile for speeding your way through security and not losing stuff on the plane.

There’s a wide variety of other stuff they make too — this Carry On Clear Quart Bag would be handy for those of you who deal with TSA a lot; there’s laundry bags and blankets and cute luggage tags and passport + luggage case gift boxes and … and all sorts of stuff the travellers on your gift list would enjoy!

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