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Don’t know how we managed to miss this site until we noticed that Blue Sky Traveler had some nifty maps embedded in it a couple days back, but now we’ve found Tripline.net

we thoroughly recommend it for all your trip map sharing needs!

And as it happens, we just posted that story about The Great Tikal Adventure, so we figured those of you who were amused by it might like to see just how we got from Belize City anchorage to jumping off a Cozumel dock, and that would be a good test of how easy and capable the site is for making maps to share —

— and less then ten minutes later, we had this slapped together which is a pretty near on dead accurate representation:

Now, unlike most of our stories, that itinerary is not a recommendation. I’m pretty sure that you could never again repeat it, in fact, as there were multiple ridiculously unlikely coincidences that just so happened to work out that we were at the end of the Cozumel dock in the exact minute that the Valor was casting off.

But hey, it makes a good story.

Any-ways, putting a map together is very straightforward indeed, and their sharing options are wonderfully diverse:

That should suit pretty much anything you’d like to do with a travel map!

They have an iPhone app as well, which looks like a handy companion:

Tripline is an amazingly easy and fun location-based app that you can use for vacations, weekend adventures and trips around town. It’s designed to work in conjunction with the main Tripline site (www.tripline.net) If you like lists and maps, Tripline is for you!

Here’s what you can do in the app:

1. Create new maps on the fly
2. Access your existing Tripline maps
3. Find new places and and add to your maps
4. Get contact info, directions and weather
5. Check in and upload photos to your map on Tripline
6. Post checkin notifications to Facebook and Twitter

Best of all, the maps you create in the app are automatically saved to the main Tripline website where you can update and display your map in our amazing animated player. On the main site, you can also import places from Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, Instagram, Tripit and even create maps automatically from geo-tagged photos!

Haven’t installed it yet, but we are definitely going to go do that soon as we post this, and play around with this some more so we’re expert with it by the next time we feel like posting a map of something!


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