Trekeffect: Make Money On A #travel Social Network

We’ve mentioned a few travel-centric social networks around here, from Travello to Airtripp to Trekteller to Cogofly, you may recall; well, today, let’s look at another entry in that space, Trekeffect, that’s added an intriguing twist: Making money off your travels by posting your itineraries for people to buy!

The New And Improved Trekeffect: IG, FB & WordPress Rolled Into One

Trekeffect #travel Social Network


Pumped up for the latest edition of Trekeffect? Trust me, you’re in for a special treat today! After a successful make over, Trekeffect is now ready to sweep travelers off their feet, with its one-of-a-kind innovations and recent additions. From photo sharing to travel blogging, you’ll get a glut of mind-blowing features that will surely appease your wanderlust. Here’s a quick overview of Trekeffect’s new incredible features…

Follow, and be followed by other travelers

Trekeffect is a dynamic and wondrous mash-up of WordPress, Instagram and Facebook. And just like most social media channels, Trekeffect lets you interact with other users. With this app, you can follow other travelers, and at the same time, gain some followers. What’s more, you can comment, like and share their photos, stories, travel guides and quotes. In short, Trekeffect is a social media app for those who are addicted to traveling! …

Earn money with Trekeffect

Need some cash to fund your next big adventure? Why not create travel itineraries, and sell them on our “Marketplace“? After placing your itinerary on the market, our team will evaluate your trek. Once approved, you can promote it by sharing it on your social media channels. If you have a blog, you can also integrate or link your Trekeffect travel itinerary to your site. Ultimately, you’ll get a rewarding commission, every time someone buys your travel itinerary…

Now that’s definitely an interesting twist, isn’t it? Whilst we tend to be generally skeptical of the value of devoting even more of our limited time to these specialized social media —


p dir=”ltr”>— except Most Traveled People of course! —

— the idea of taking the work we do for our trip planning and monetizing it, that has an appeal to it, indeed. So check out Trekeffect, and let us know what you think!

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