Tripcoin: Cryptocurrency Travel Cashback

Now there’s a buzzword-compliant headline for you! Everybody has some kind of points scheme, but how many issue them as a convertible cryptocurrency? Why, only this one, far as we know:

Tripcoin: Flight+Hotel Rebates

Tripcoin: Cryptocurrency Travel Cashback


Win Tripcoins (convertible to BTC, ETH, USD and more) on every hotel, flight and car rental, worldwide. Every time you book, we add Tripcoin into your account immediately. 
No bs, no gimmicks. Get paid to travel…

(1) Book travel
(2) Get paid real TripCoins
(3) Be happy

Need to file corporate expenses? No problem, just forward them your booking confirmation email. Leverage systems like Concur, Expensify, Oracle and more to achieve reimbursement of corporate travel. Comparable to apps like Dosh, Drop, iBotta, eBates and more, but entirely focused on your travel experience. Also things like Orbitz, Kayak, Priceline, Hotwire, Skiplagged, Hopper, Hipmunk, Travelocity, CheapoAir, CheapTickets and Expedia offer various rewards and loyalty programs, but none of them offer TripCoins.

Why are Tripcoins so special? Because they’re totally liquid. You can use them to:

– Book new travel with our concierge service
– Cash out to US dollars
– Convert into Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum ether (ETH) or Litecoin (LTC)

That’s right: if you choose to cashout, money will be wired into your bank our crypto trading account. Only TripCoin offers this versatility and liquidity.

Worth reiterating: Tripcoin is the ONLY app offering to WIRE MONEY to you right after you book travel. It’s pretty amazing, so get in while the gittin’s good!

Personally, we are extremely skeptical of the long term value of cryptocurrencies in general — but applying them to a cashback program does bring some interesting ideas.


p dir=”ltr”>So if you are betting that there is long term value to be had in Bitcoin or the rest, why look this app is made just for you!

The rest of us — well cash back is always nice, but you tend to get more overall value from platform native loyalty programs, so if you do think this looks interesting compare it carefully to the popular options!


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