Hotel: Bali De Anyer, Carita, Indonesia

Here’s our recommendation for a starting base for your west of Jakarta escape: Bali de Anyer Hotel and Restaurant!

Bali de Anyer Hotel And Restaurant

It’s about 3 hours west of Jakarta — once you get on the highway, which in Jakarta traffic can be something of a trick — and conveniently placed for a visit to Carita Beach which is full of beachy type activities.

More importantly for our purposes, it is the most convenient, like a couple minutes to the dock, for taking an early leaving boat trip out to Krakatau with Thom’s Krakatau Adventure, which we recommend because that’s how we did it and were completely satisfied with the experience!

Here’s where it is exactly:

If you want to do the full Ujung Kulon National Park land experience as well, that would be a good place to arrange it from too, no doubt Thom could get that all arranged for you he seems to have pretty much every guide certification going.

Us, well, we’ve seen enough tropical rainforest that when we read advice like

Ujung Kulon is still considered as an endemic malarial area. Consuming malaria pills before and while exploring the park is advisable; consult your doctor at least a couple of weeks before your trip for more specific advice.

Leeches are very rare, but mosquitoes are abundant. Mosquito repellent is a must to avoid mosquitoes and also to avoid biting Banteng flies, which suck blood painfully…

we’re like y’know what, we know exactly what that experience is like so the sheen of adventure on being painfully eaten alive while sweating to death and tripping out on freaky-deaky malaria pills is a little dull at this point…

… we’re just going to visit the Krakatau parts of the UNESCO World Heritage Site inscription, tick that one off and go to the beach. Much more fun that way!

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