Hotel: GM Villa, Gua Musang, Malaysia

So having our Taman Negara visit rained out, we decided that a roof over our heads would be nice for the evening. So we fired up our hotel booking app of choice …

… and y’know, accomodation options around there are pretty slim. But there was this one just a bit northwest of Gua Musang that piqued our interest since it seemed astoundingly cheap for the apparent quality and reviews, GM Villa:

So we tapped in a booking and headed off. Turns out there’s a good explanation for the price; the place is still being built!

It’s a 30-unit complex out the end of what’s such a new subdivision of Gua Musang that neither Google nor Apple Maps have any idea it exists; Google throws up its hands in despair, and Apple will take you on a tour of the neighborhood before dropping you where its map ends. Thankfully, there were signs pointing the way from there.

We’ve been in some pretty new hotels before sure, but never a nearly unoccupied resort of 30 villas. Pretty cool for a solo traveller to get a pad like this for the price of a cheap room even by out in the wilderness Malaysia standards:

GM Villa Interior

That is unquestionably the finest brand new private villa we have ever stayed at for 18 bucks and change! Willing to take bets it’ll probably hold that title for a good long time too, for that matter.

It’s a couple kilometers out of town, which as far as we’re concerned is just fine since that makes the muzzein’s morning call a pleasant background soundtrack, and chances are you’re going to have a car if you’re coming this way most likely.

So there you go, if you’re heading to  National Park East Kelantan Entrance, or anywhere else within 100 km or so, we definitely recommend GM Villa as your adventure base of choice!

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