Hotel: Mile 36 Lodge, Kinabulu Park, Malaysia

When you’re visiting Kinabulu Park, chances are you’re going to be visiting both the main entrance and the eastern entrance where the hot springs are, so it would be convenient to stay between them; and our recommendation for that is the imaginatively named

Mile 36 Lodge

Mile 36 Lodge

You’re just a few minutes’ drive from the main entrance, and the hot springs entrance up there on the right is about an hour’s drive, so the location is about as convenient as you could ask for.

The accomodation is your basic two-star, but what makes this a noteworthy stay is the quite spectacular views of Mount Kinabulu, from as the sky lightens in the east

Mount Kinabulu Sunrise

through to basking in full sunlight

Mount Kinabulu

which as far as we’re concerned makes this top contender for best value basecamp for your Mount Kinabulu ascent!


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