Hotel: Rendezvous Boutique Hotel Hanoi

Today we have a recommendation for your stay in Hanoi for you — an excellent example of exactly the kind of hotel recommendation that you’ll get at, in fact.

You see, most of these travel blog things, seems they tend (at least the successful ones) to focus on #LUXURY as the main thing they’re promoting to you, you notice that?

Yeah, well, not here.

Not that we’re opposed to #LUXURY as being “inauthentic” or whatever as some pretentious types are, if any #LUXURY hotels want to hire us for a gushing review hey give us a shout

— it’s just that we figure that the luxuriousness of the hotel has pretty much nothing to do with what we want when travelling: To be as conveniently located to what we’re actually interested in as possible.

That a hostel? Fine. That a private island resort villa? Fine too!

(More than fine actually, if you are looking for the #LUXURY thing Desroches Island Resort there really does deserve its Forbes Top 10 Remote Hotels rating … but we just went because it’s the only accomodation in the Amirante Islands and hey these trip lists are like Pokémon, gotta catch ‘em all!)

Any-ways, so here we are in Hanoi, and of course if you’re in Hanoi you stay in the Old Quarter, so we took a look on the map, and just about dead center we found

Rendezvous Boutique Hotel Hanoi

Rendezvous Boutique Hotel Hanoi

Excellent location and pretty much the cheapest around to boot: perfect!

So that’s our recommendation to you for your stay in Hanoi, to enjoy the sights of the Old Quarter be that St. Joseph’s Cathedral:

St. Joseph’s Cathedral

Or wedding photographs by Hoan Kiem Lake:

Hoan Kiem Lake

Or just enjoying a coffee — seriously, Hanoi egg coffee is an awesome thing:

Hanoi Coffee!


Or getting a ride out to Snake Village for your beating-snake-heart dinner … no, wait, that actually deserves a post of its own, we’ll do that next time, and bye for now from the outstandingly friendly and helpful staff!

Rendezvous Boutique Hotel Hanoi

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