Hotel: Seaside Travellers Inn, Kota Kinabulu

Just one more note before leaving Sabah today, a hotel for you to consider staying at before flying out:

Seaside Travellers Inn

Not another of these luxury 5 star jungle lodges no, if that’s your thing you can stop reading now actually; the attraction here is the view.

Specifically, we needed to fly out early the next morning so wanted to be at most a half hour drive from the airport, and we’d kept reading about how beautiful the beaches south of Kota Kinabulu are —

— so we’re like “fine then, what is the CHEAPEST place actually on the beach within half an hour of the airport?” and Seaside Travellers Inn is what we came up with:

Seaside Travellers Inn

Basic accomodation, nothing wrong with it but nothing overly worth writing to the world about either, the hotel itself…

… but will you look at that beach:

Beached Boat

Yep, if you want pretty sunset shots, this is definitely the place.

Beach Couple

As usual, those are just snapped off-handedly with a stock iPhone 7, no actual camera equipment involved. Or skill, for that matter.

And they were received quite impressedly on Instagram, and isn’t that what travel’s all really about these days, Dear Millennial Friends?

So yep, if you’re into beaches and/or scenery shots, this south of KK strip does actually deserve its reputation, and Seaside Travellers Inn is cheap and convenient, the two qualities we find most appealing!

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