Kampong Thom Village Hotel, Cambodia

One thing you’ll notice immediately when you start planning to visit Sambor Kruk — or as TripAdvisor calls it, Sambo Preykuk — is that it’s not situated conveniently to any main tourist destination.

What we recommend is that you plan to break your trip between Phom Penh and Siem Reap at Kampong Thom:

There’s a fairly narrow range of hotels, and they seem to fill up pretty quickly; but for a comfortable yet budget-friendly stay, we recommend the Kampong Thom Village Hotel:

Kampong Thom Village Hotel

We were mildly leery as the reviews were on the mediocre side, but we had no quibble with the place, found it a remarkably good value in fact; clean, good AC, attractive lobby,

Kampong Thom Village Hotel

decent breakfast and all; completely fine roadhouse to spend the night. And as you can see from the tour buses in the shot above, we’re not alone in that assessment.

We were driving, but we gather it’s pretty easy to arrange rides to Sambor Kruk if you’re not; and … well, that’s about the main thing there is to see in Sambor Kruk Province, although we do have one more picture for you:

Spean Preah Toeus

This is Spean Preah Toeus, an Angkorian bridge which is still in active use today…

… in better shape than most of the modern roads nearby, to be honest…

… and notable for being on the back of the 500 riel note. So hey, as long as you’re driving past, might as well check that out!

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