Kunming Green Lakeshore Hotel, Kunming, China

No doubt we’ve convinced you that between the Stone Forest and the Rice Terraces and all that Kunming is a city definitely worth putting on your China itinerary, and we have a budget-friendly recommendation for you to stay at while you’re there:

Kunming Green Lakeshore Hotel

Kunming Green Lakeshore Hotel

Adorably traditional — that’s getting harder to find in China these days! — but our big reason for recommending it is the excellent location:

Kunming Green Lakeshore Hotel

You’re just a couple minutes walk from Green Lake Park, which is a remarkably nice central park indeed, with people doing t’ai chi and jogging in the morning to various musicians, dancers and like street performers in the afternoon —

— we generally prefer a small hotel near the local life to a big same as in every other city chain, and this is just that kind of place!

Extra marks for convenience because the airport buses are just the other side of the park as well, and they’re happy … well, tolerant, anyways … to get up early and make sure you have your breakfast before heading off. Wholeheartedly recommended!

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