All You Need To Know About Lan Ha Bay, Vietnam

If you are planning a holiday in Vietnam, Lan Ha Bay simply must be on your list of places to visit. This tiny stretch of paradise is not as well-known as Ha-Long Bay, where most of the tourists can be found. If you can imagine Ha-Long Bay without the huge number of tourists, then you have Lan Ha Bay, which is a hidden gem that is still not yet on the tourist map.

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Cat Ba Town

Southeast of Cat Ba Town, where there are about 300 tiny islands, nestled into this unique region is the stunning Lan Ha Bay, with more than 200 species of fish and marine animals like seals and dolphins. The stunning coral has yet to be affected by climate change. The tour guide will explain the rules for snorkelling and scuba diving. If you book one of the luxury Lan Ha Bay cruises that can be found online, you can really immerse yourself in this amazing paradise.

Short Luxury Cruises

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The best way to plan your stay in Lan Ha Bay is to search online for a local tour operator and book a berth on one of their short Lan Ha Bay cruises, which allows you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty, while enjoying luxury accommodation on a state-of-the-art cruise liner. There are so many things to do onboard, and when you fancy a dip in the ocean, you are right there and able to enjoy the many water sports on offer.

Cat Ba Island

The great thing about Lan Ha Bay is the close proximity of Cat Ba Island, where you can explore the many caves and the pristine beaches. Cat Ba Island is the largest of more than 300 islands that are found on this peninsula, and over half the island is part of a National Park, where you can see diverse marine and animal life in its natural habitat. There are more than 10,000 local people living on the island, plus around 4,000 people who live in floating villages around the island, where you can see how they live such a simple, but happy life.

Water Activities

You can swim, snorkel, sail and kayak in the glorious bay waters. When you wish to relax, board the cruise ship where you can really chill out in style with your favourite cocktail and a sun lounger. While most people want to relax, there are many activities lined up, should you wish to participate.

Peace & Tranquillity

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If you like the ideal of relaxing in a tropical paradise, book a berth on one of the luxury Lan Ha Bay cruise tours, which run for 3-4 days, and you and your family can enjoy the peaceful tranquillity that Lan Ha Bay offers. If you search online, you will find a specialist tour operator who runs Lan Ha Bay cruises. They have a wide range of packages to suit every taste and budget.

If you like unspoilt beaches and pristine coral areas, Lan Ha Bay is the ideal place to rest and relax!

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