Best Time Of Year For Cruising

Most people will book their cruise holiday to fit in with their annual leave but for those who have an open diary, there are many dates to choose from. For example, during the European summer, Mediterranean cruises are a popular option, but they do tend to be expensive in peak season and pretty crowded. In fact, booking a cruise in the off season can be much cheaper and, if you don’t mind the chance of inclement weather, can be very relaxing. A cruise holiday is always great. However, if crowds are not your thing, booking an off-season cruise could be just what you’re looking for.

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To go back to seasonal variations again, the European winter can be cold and miserable so many people look into the possibility of P&O cruises from Australia. These cruises take in a number of South Pacific destinations and can be booked for various durations. Caribbean cruises are also very popular and can be taken virtually any time of the year but it’s worth bearing in mind that any plans could be disrupted during hurricane season so check with the cruise line before you book any time off work.

What to Pack

Depending on what part of the world you are cruising and the time of year, you may need to pack some warmish clothes. Of course, a whale watching tour in Alaska or Canada in December could be very cold whereas the Caribbean is pretty warm all year round. It’s still worth packing a sweater or a light jacket if on a sunshine cruise as temperatures can drop pretty quickly in the evening even if it has been hot all day. If you are cruising with children, be sure to pack some things to entertain them during the cruise, they might not be as fascinated with the experience as you are!

Finding a Cruise Deal

Finding a cruise deal for the time of year you want to go can be challenging. Your best bet would probably be searching on sites that offer cruises from all the main operators. You can usually search by both destination and date and find some surprisingly good deals, particularly in ‘low season’. Even at peak times of year, you might find a good deal. However, you need to be prepared to book at very short notice in order to get the most competitive price.

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Ultimately, there is no good or bad time of year to go on a cruise. If you like warm weather cruises book a cruise in Europe for May/June/July/August or Australia around November/December/January/February. On those months, you really are in a ‘win win’ position.

As previously mentioned, there are numerous advantages to booking in the off season including lower prices, less crowds and an altogether more relaxed atmosphere. Browse online today and if you see a cruise that ticks all the boxes in regard to destination, price and schedule, go ahead and book it! Bon Voyage!

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