Cogofly: Find #travel Friends

Although personally we quite prefer solo traveling — we figure that the experience is always more exciting when it’s completely immersive! — there are arguments for travel companions as well; and if you’re having trouble finding someone who shares your wanderlust, you might want to check out

Cogofly: Don’t Travel Alone Anymore
Fed up Of Travelling Alone?
Break down Borders Together!

Cogofly: Find #travel Friends


Don’t be fazed by travelling any more, whether you want to go away for the weekend or just on a day out, and give your dreams a boost.

Find someone you can trust, close to home or abroad, and plan together your trips… you’ll also be able to plan and share weekends and outings.

Discover a new way to get away which is financially advantageous, safe, and highly practical.

Connect with persons from the 4 corners of the world, share their experiences and expand your network..

Find cotravellers, with potentially the same socio-professional criteria and areas of interest, in order to organise your trips in the best possible conditions.

Think Together, think Co, and take off to share your trips, weekends, and others outings!

Soooooo … it’s like Tinder for fun people, then?

Anyhow, there’s another one like Travello — if you are looking for someone to travel with, then hey here’s something specifically designed to help you; give it a try and let us know how it works out for you!

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