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Here’s an interesting twist on travel planning we found an article about when flipping through A Luxury Travel Blog yesterday:


….a 7 day/10 team travel competition that is best described as ‘The Amazing Race for normal people’ meets ‘Blind Date With Europe’. 

Competitours #travel Competitions


Get ready to relinquish your sense of control for 7 days. Our team travel competition features 10 pairs of teams immersed in the unknown and suspenseful. Each day’s mystery European destination and surprise challenge activities are revealed with almost no notice. With a $3000 cash prize at stake, teams earn points by accomplishing fun and unique hands-on challenges…forget sightseeing, get ready for sight-DOING.

The consensus every year from our teams’ trip survey feedback is the same-  a Competitours mystery team travel competition experience cannot be replicated.  The proof is that over 20% of our customers are repeat or referrals from satisfied clients.


Our teams definitely have a competitive streak, but it’s more ike a friendly-game-of-poker vibe, not a fight-to-the-death vibe.

To plunge into the unknown of a mystery itinerary, teams must have an innate sense of curiosity. That curiosity extends to teams having a genuine interest in meeting fellow travelers who have the same thrill, not fear, of the unknown. And nothing bonds newfound friends like the shared experiences of mastering (or bravely struggling with) Competitours challenges…

Well, if you need help planning an itinerary, a complete mystery of an itinerary is certainly one way to go, isn’t it?

Looks like pricing is just about $3K a person, and you need to get yourself to Europe, so it’s in the ballpark of a conventional package tour, except considerably more exciting!


p dir=”ltr”>Check out the upcoming competitions here, and the past itineraries here; and if you do decide to join one of these, be sure to let us know so we can do a series following you!

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