Country File: Malaysia

Alright, it’s time to get started on the actual travel part of this travel blogging thing!

Plan is, every time we head to a new country we’ll pull together some links and update the Sitelist entry for it. And first up — leaving for DMK in 40 minutes here, it’ll be quick — Persekutuan Malaysia, commonly known as Malaysia!

Flag of Malaysia

Malaysia joined UNESCO on 16 June 1958, making it a real country by‘s standard; and it has four inscribed and four tentative World Heritage Sites. Those are updated on the Sitelist now:


Inscribed properties are in plain text with (year of inscription)

Tentative properties are in italic text with (date of submission)

MTP and TCC both split Malaysia into three regions,

and as we were planning to head off to catch the A2 bus to DMK in eight minutes and need to start packing … that’s all we’ll put in to our Country Files to start out with, but we’ll update with trip reports and any other nuggets of wisdom we find for you!

UPDATE: As well as the above place-ticking notes, in these Country Files we’ll add a shopping block and then reference links, like this:


Trip Reports:


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