Country File: Myanmar

Today’s Country File is one you just might have trouble placing at first: Pyidaungzu Myanma Naingngandaw, commonly known and recognized by the United Nations as Myanmar

… except where it isn’t, and is still referred to with its British colonial days’ name, “Burma.” Wait, what, you say? Isn’t it sort of the done thing these days to cast off colonial appellations and all?

See, what the deal is here is that “Myanmar” is a name change brought about in 1989 by the military junta that ruled from 1962 to 2011. And certain governments that didn’t recognize that government therefore did not recognize that name change, which is why you’ll still run across “Burma” here and there. But us, as usual we’ll go along with the United Nations here.

Flag of Myanmar

Myanmar joined UNESCO on 27 June 1949, making it a real country by‘s standard; and it has 1 inscribed and 14 tentative World Heritage Sites:

Pyu Ancient Cities (2014)

Ayeyawady River Corridor (25/02/2014)
Hkakabo Razi Landscape (25/02/2014)
Indawgyi Lake Wildlife Sanctuary (25/02/2014)
Natma Taung National Park (25/02/2014)
Myeik Archipelago (25/02/2014)
Hukaung Valley Wildlife Sanctuary (25/02/2014)
Taninthayi Forest Corridor (25/02/2014)
Bagan Archaeological Area and Monuments (04/10/1996)
Wooden Monasteries of Konbaung Period: Ohn Don, Sala, Pakhangyi, Pakhannge, Legaing, Sagu, Shwe-Kyaung (Mandalay) (04/10/1996)
Badah-lin and associated caves (04/10/1996)
Ancient cities of Upper Myanmar: Innwa, Amarapura, Sagaing, Mingun, Mandalay(04/10/1996)
Myauk-U Archaeological Area and Monuments (04/10/1996)
Inle Lake (04/10/1996)
Mon cities: Bago, Hanthawaddy (04/10/1996)

MTP and TCC both count Myanmar as one place on their lists.


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