Country File: Niue

This is a particularly obscure entry in our Country Files today, tucked between the Cook Islands to its east and Tonga to its west: Niuē, commonly known … no wait, it isn’t commonly known at all … but when it is, simply without the ligature as Niue!

Flag of Niue

Niue joined UNESCO on 26 October 1993, making it a real country by‘s standard —

— although, like the Cook Islands this is different from conventional practice as Niue is not a member of the United Nations; they are a self-governing state within the Realm of New Zealand, with New Zealand generally responsible for foreign affairs —

— and also like the Cook Islands, it has no inscribed or tentative World Heritage Sites yet!

and TCC both count Niue as one place. And a small place at that; if you’re looking for a remote unspoiled Pacific island you can cycle around in three hours or so, this is the place!


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