Country File: North Korea

And since last time we did South Korea, today’s Country File is their neighbours that have been in the news quite a bit lately: 조선민주주의인민공화국 (Chosŏn minjujuŭi-inmin-konghwaguk, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea), commonly known as North Korea!

Flag of North Korea

South Korea joined UNESCO on 18 October 1974, making it a real country by‘s standard; it has 2 inscribed and 5 tentative World Heritage Sites:

Complex of Koguryo Tombs (2004)
Historic Monuments and Sites in Kaesong (2013)

Mt. Myohyang and the Relics in and around the Mountain (25/05/2000)
Historical Relics in Pyongyang (25/05/2000)
Mt. Kumgang and the Historical Relics in and around the Mountain (25/05/2000)
Caves in Kujang Area (25/05/2000)
Mt. Chilbo (25/05/2000)

MTP and TCC both count North Korea as one place:

 Korea, North


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