Country File: Singapore

Today’s Country File is first in our series of places to consider planning for on our Tahiti trip: Republik Singapura, commonly known as Singapore!

(The reason that’s where we’re starting is that Singapore Airlines is part of Star Alliance, so when you look at the Star Alliance route map, you’ll see that Australia and New Zealand are served somewhat more thoroughly from Singapore than by Thai Airways from Bangkok, so we’re going to want to be researching schedules from both airports to see if a layover in Singapore makes sense going either way.)

Flag of Singapore

Singapore joined UNESCO on 08 October 2007, making it a real country by‘s standard; and it has just 1 inscribed and no tentative World Heritage Sites:


p dir=”ltr”>Inscribed:
Singapore Botanic Gardens (2015)

MTP and TCC both count Singapore as one place on their lists. Which, considering it’s a city-state half the size of Los Angeles, is on the generous side, really.


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