Country File: Taiwan

Nope, haven’t gotten around to getting our automated generation functional yet, but in the meantime we’ll do a Country File that will not in fact be part of that generation — 台湾(Republic of China), commonly known as Taiwan!

Flag of Taiwan

Why wouldn’t it be part of that, you wonder? Well, it’s that politics thing — there isn’t room in the UN for both the Republic of China (the island) and the People’s Republic of China (the mainland), therefore Taiwan isn’t a UNESCO member and doesn’t show up on the World Heritage lists.

However, by almost any standard other than UN membership Taiwan does qualify as an independent country, and while putting together the Wonderlist we stumbled across something we were not previously aware of; its Ministry of Heritage maintains a page of

Potential World Heritage Sites in Taiwan  

So if you are heading there, we encourage you to consider these unofficially tentative WHS!

TCC counts Taiwan as one region, and MTP splits it into two regions,

Although it looks like getting to Pratas Island will be rather a challenge, your best bet is probably a DXpedition…


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