Country File: Tajikistan

More wandering around Central Asia today, our Country File is — Jumhurii Tojikiston, commonly known as Tajikistan!

Flag of Tajikistan

joined UNESCO on 06 April 1993, making it a real country by‘s standard; and it has 2 inscribed and 16 tentative World Heritage Sites:

Proto-urban Site of Sarazm (2010)
Tajik National Park (Mountains of the Pamirs) (2013)
Mausoleum of “Amir Khamza Khasti Podshoh” (09/11/1999)
The Site of Ancient Town of Takhti-Sangin (09/11/1999)
The Site of Ancient Town of Baitudasht IV (09/11/1999)
Mausoleum of “Khoja Mashkhad” (09/11/1999)
Buddhistic cloister of Ajina-Tepa (09/11/1999)
Palace of the governor of Khulbuk (09/11/1999)
Mausoleum of “Hodja Nashron” (09/11/1999)
The Site of Ancient Town of Pyanjekent (09/11/1999)
Mausoleum of “Mukhammad Bashoro” (09/11/1999)
The Site of Ancient Town of Shahristan (Kahkakha) (09/11/1999)
Fann mountains (04/04/2006)
Tigrovaya Balka (04/04/2006)
Zakaznik Kusavlisay (04/04/2006)
State reserve Dashti Djum (04/04/2006)
Zorkul State Reserve (04/04/2006)
Silk Roads Sites in Tajikistan (15/01/2013)

Like most of the ‘stans, it’s a little short on conventional travel hotspots … but that makes it the kind of place to go if you really mean it about wanting an authentic unspoiled travel experience, doesn’t it now?


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    Yes!! If wherever had accept from “UNESCO” that’s mean very nice place. I understand right??

    1. Alex

      Almost every country have World Heritage Sites — but yes, visiting any of them is nice! Or an adventure, anyways…

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