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Remember last fall we mentioned Airmule and their efforts to make courier flights a great deal … or at least some kind of a deal … again? Well, here’s another option in that space, Glocalzone, and instead of only supporting a handful of routes, it crowdsources connections directly between travelers and customers:

Glocalzone 101 — How to use Glocalzone?



We all shop online from abroad for different reasons. However, sometimes we do not find the products we are looking for online. The prices of the products that are found can be expensive or may take weeks to reach us from abroad. Glocalzone solves these problems. It also allows the travelers to make money while traveling, and to travel more as they earn…

Once you have entered, you can add your travel. You can forward the requested products to us on the product request form. We can also provide you with communication with the most suitable traveler…

If you want to add your travel after you have logged in, click on “Add Travel” button and you can add your trip to the system by clicking on the “Post It” button after you have written your travel point, return date and how much budget you can allocate for the product…

If you want to request products from abroad, you can see the last added trips through the homepage…

That’s an interesting spin on the courier concept, isn’t it? We’re not sure how feasible it’ll turn out to be, seems like a lot of effort to put in for the likely return…


p dir=”ltr”>… but hey, we’ll give it a shot for our upcoming Australia trip probably, and report back if any good news comes of it. In the meantime, check it out and let us know how it goes if you give it a try!

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  1. Hey Alex, thank you for your post 🙂 I ‘m Doğan, co-founder of Glocalzone. If you need any question about our service, I can help all of you 🙂 Best – [email protected]

    1. Certainly an interesting venture you’ve got here — best of luck!

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