Find #travel Work At Travel Gig

So we’ve gone over various options like Plant Your Way Around The World and Projects Abroad for finding unpaid foreign work — but what you’d really like is to find paying work while you travel, amirite? Well, here’s a place to check out:


Find #travel Work At TravelGig

Travel Gig Mission:

The gig economy is changing how we work. Many are opting for shorter, project-based gigs rather than the traditional 9-5. This shift also impacts how we live, giving people the freedom and flexibility to travel and work from where they choose.

Travel Gig’s mission is to help facilitate long-term travel. Whether you’re looking to volunteer with animals in Africa, find a paid job in the Maldives, or even co-found your own project somewhere beautiful, or many things inbetween, Travel Gig will help you on your journey toward that goal…

Personally, we’re pretty tickled with Build a paradise retreat, Vanuatu — that just has an air of epic story in the making about it, somehow — but there’s an interesting if slim selection right around the globe. More of these resources to add to your bookmarks the better!


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