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Here’s an interesting option to consider for your next vacation: How would you like to have professionals shoot your travel memories for you?

Well, guess what: there’s a company called Flytographer that’s devoted to hooking that up for you!

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Launched in 2013 and inspired by the belief that memories are the best travel souvenir, Flytographer is a Canadian-based startup that connects travellers with a community of hundreds of local photographers in 200 destinations around the world for fun, candid vacation photo shoots (about an hour) that capture the magic of travel. We are the first company to market global vacation photography services, and are changing the way people remember their trips by providing one-of-a-kind local experiences and beautiful photographs that will be cherished for generations.

We capture occasions like honeymoons, anniversaries, families on multi-generational trips, couples’ and friend getaways, solo adventures, and many surprise marriage proposals. All of our photographers have been personally handpicked based on skill, style, and personality. Not only are they incredible professional photographers, but they are all passionate travellers themselves and truly excited to meet other travellers from around the globe. The best part? Our Flytographers also serve as informal local tour guides, sharing insider tips on things to eat, see and do… the most photographic spots around the city, plus hidden gems and the places to avoid!

Our mission is to help people around the world “capture the magic of travel”.

Now that’s rather interesting, isn’t it?

Over 200 destinations are covered, and prices are in line with what a professional shoot’s going to cost you. And they specifically account for those of you with a flair for the dramatic:

Plan the Perfect Surprise Proposal with Flytographer

It’s the moment neither of you will ever forget, a story that will be told again and again – and stunning proposal photos are the perfect way to relive this very special occasion. Planning a proposal in a different city is not easy. Whether you’re looking for a secret proposal photographer abroad or an engagement photographer near you, Flytographer’s team of proposal specialists will help you plan the ultimate surprise proposal to capture the “YES!” forever.  

Personally, strikes us that their gift cards would make an excellent wedding present. We always have such trouble coming up with something appropriately memorably trollish … figure that a photo shoot at the honeymoon destination would be just the thing, really.

And nope, this isn’t a sponsored post or anything; their email arrived in our mailbox as part of that Hitlist contest we mentioned before, and we just figured it was a neat enough idea to share. And we’ll share the discount code they gave us too: “Hitlist50” gets you $50 off until December 31. Merry Christmas photo shooting!

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