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There’s no post on the #travel1k boards this week, so we’ll have to wait until next week to find out just how badly our ranking plummeted while we were off wandering through Kazakhstan and Russia with our Twitter and Instagram accounts suspended and too busy to make blog posts…

… however, a remarkably apropos suggestion did present itself: Julie over at MightyGoods wrote to draw our attention to an interview there with the NOMADasaurus crew whose blog we were pretty impressed with you may recall, discussing

Learn Exactly How These Professional Travel Writers and Photographers Fund Their Nomadic Lifestyle

Yes, since we’ve just spent a near couple weeks running into all the problems with that, let’s go take a look at that shall we? Read the whole thing, as they say, but the key point is

We finance our nomadic life now through our blog NOMADasaurus, freelance writing and photography, destination marketing campaigns, social media consulting and a few other online ventures…

… get out there and start travelling! Monetising it comes with time, and growing visitors and followers comes from making awesome content and doing amazing things.

Well, at least they’re not making all their money off of teaching people how to be travel bloggers, which is a suspiciously high percentage of travel bloggers’ income in general, we’ve noticed.

However, most of their options rely on already having a large social media following. What options are there for us newbies to scrape along while we build that following?

Well, turns out there is a place for that:!



Nomad Playground is the first review site entirely dedicated to collecting reviews from remote individuals of the websites, tools, and companies they use to find work. We collect reviews of companies that hire remote workers, online marketplaces, job boards, and everything related to earning online and achieving a location independent lifestyle.

This is our way of sorting through the noise to find what the best opportunities are, and which which ones to avoid. Whether you are a digital nomad, a work from home professional, backpacker in need of travel money, or want to know how to use your career skills online, we have you covered…

They break it down into three categories:

Easy Money:

This is where we put the low-hanging fruit of the online earning world. You won’t get rich, but you will make side cash quickly. Great for beginners, backpackers, and anyone who wants to make side cash at home or on the road.


Travel while using your skills, professionally.

Note that for most of you Dear Readers, “speaking English” is a skill with some professional options here!

And, our favorite:

Shit List: These suck.

This is where we put companies with abysmal ratings, shady practices, scams, pyramid schemes, etc. If it isn’t usable, useful, or is a bad company, it goes on the Shit List.

This most certainly looks like a site worth supporting, so if any of you Dear Readers have options or review to add to their knowledge base, please do!


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