Housesitting — Free Travel Accommodation!

Here’s an option to consider when planning to travel as cheaply as possible: stay in a foreign city for FREE! Hard to beat FREE!, now isn’t it?

The basic idea is, people that want their house and pets taken care of while they’re away put their place up for you to stay for free, and they get the place taken care of for free. Win-win!

Haven’t taken advantage of this ourselves yet, because we tend to be cramming as much as possible into minimum time available, but if we ever do get this place bringing in enough to support ourselves, slow travelling this way would mesh with the blogging lifestyle just about perfectly, don’t you think?

If this sounds like an idea worth exploring to you too, check out this excellent guide:

House sitting & Pet sitting – 10 Lessons For Free Accommodation

Here’s another place where you can buy an ebook about the housesitting travel style:

How to Become a House-Sitter and See the World

And another that you can buy on Amazon:

How I Attracted the Best House Sitting Job on Earth (and How You Can Too)

And another — this one a comprehensive guide covering

How to Get Free Accommodation Around the World

  • Volunteering
  • House-Sitting
  • Couch Surfing
  • Living on Boats
  • Home Exchanges

We mentioned volunteering before, and here we are discussing housesitting … kinda doubt we’ll ever look seriously into those last three here though, so pick up that book if those interest you too.

Or if you’d just like to go straight to check out some websites directly, these are some (listed in alphabetical order) that look interesting at first glance:

If you have any personal experience with housesitting to relate, Dear Readers, or if we missed your favorite hookup site here, be sure to let us know!


House Sitting Guide for Singles mentions the additional resource The Caretaker Gazette to check out!

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