IQPlanner: Make Money Publishing Trips

Here’s an interesting new site for not only researching your trips, but making money by publishing them too — and that’s always worth checking out:


IQPlanner is a free marketplace of exciting travel adventures

IQPlanner helps you to find breath-taking adventures easily. Browse through hundreds of adventures shared by famous bloggers, travel photographers and savvy travelers from all over the World! Take advantage of their experience and make your own perfect travel plan…

And what’s different about them?

How to plan a trip from scratch? 

With IQPlanner you can plan a trip without knowing all the details. For example, you want to visit Amsterdam, Paris, Orlean, Marseille and Barcelona, and spend 3 to 5 days in each city. Stops sequence and ways to travel between cities make no difference.

To start simply click “Plan your own trip” on the homepage. 

Default value for all the fields is “Best Option”. If you haven’t decided on departure and return dates yet, just leave the fields blank. In this case IQPlanner will offer the best dates to travel in terms of cost and comfort. You can also give an approximate time frame. To do that, just click in the date field and use the calendar picker to set a time period for your trip..

Once you’ve entered all your preferences, it’s IQPlanner’s turn. The system will calculate all possible combinations for the trip and provide best options. Once you see «Your trip is ready for booking» above the map, it means the system has finished planning. After that you can check the plan, make necessary adjustments and proceed with your booking…

So, basically, they claim to offer automated concierge service. Certainly a massive accomplishment if it works well!

And to work well, it would have to have many many adventures to choose from, which is where the how you make money part comes in:

Start publishing your recommended places to visit, and things to see and do about a destination you know well. We call your recommendations ‘Adventures’. Once this has been published, they are then collated in our catalogue and become visible to customers…

How do I make money from this?

It’s easy: we pay you writing bonus for each adventure. Authors with the Gold status get $10, Silver – $5, and $1 for all beginners, plus we also reward you for content views and clickthroughs. This means that every month there is a guaranteed revenue for you at no extra cost! Isn’t that great? Read more about statuses here.

To put it simply: every month there’s a guaranteed revenue for you, and at no extra cost! If you’re waiting to hear about the ‘catch’ then you’ll be sorely disappointed, as there is none. All we’re offering is a free platform to publish your travel stories, reach a new and potentially wider audience and make some money in the process!

As it happens, we’re looking at putting together some tours around the glorious city of Bangkok here; once we get that pulled together, we’ll definitely put them up on here too and see how well that works out.


p dir=”ltr”>In the meantime, if you decide to publish an adventure of your own, let us know how it goes!

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  1. thetraveltool2

    This is super interesting. I didn’t know about this…
    Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Alex

      Yep, they’re pretty much brand new, but looks interesting for sure!

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