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Seems to be rather a number of travel communities springing up that are offering various enticements for you to join them and provide content; you might remember us mentioning IQPlanner: Make Money Publishing Trips a little while back, and there’s a couple of others we’ll get around to looking at soon…

… but these guys at 43km, they got our immediate attention with this launch promo:

Capture the excitement of your next trip, free

Join 43km and get a free Ultra HD action video camera to record your next amazing adventure.

That’s right, a free camera

We’re sending an Akaso Ultra HD 4K action camera for free to every member who shares their travel videos with us. Yes it is free, seriously.

Alright, that’s intriguing enough to check these people out:

Join 43km


Q: What is 43km and what services do you provide?
All of us at 43km are seasoned world travellers and passionate about all things travel.

That is why we created 43km as a resource for the travelling community and to connect travellers alike.

We provide three main services:

Free itineraries that are inspired by our own travels and the research that we have done. We handpicked and curated all of the itineraries ourselves and you won’t find these anywhere else.

Buddies – We connect likeminded members with similar travel plans travelling to the same destination

Tour Offers – We match travellers looking for a local tour experience with expert tour operators in their destination

Interesting, interesting. More than interesting, actually: being able to toss my proposed WHS site visits off to a curated community like that would be a distinct improvement on our current wild flailing of a mass mailing which is our usual way of trying to find a guide/driver where independent roaming isn’t practical.

And then of course, there’s that whole FREE camera! for getting around to uploading 20 minutes of video, which strikes us as a pretty sweet deal.

And even more excitingly, there’s a signup referral bonus too:

Invite your friends to 43km. They’ll receive a 5% Off coupon when they sign up, and you’ll also receive a 5% Off coupon for every 3 friends who sign up.

So follow these referral links to signup today!

PS. Yeah, we wondered “43km??????” too —

Q: What does the name 43km mean?
The name 43km was inspired by the difference in diameter between the equator and the poles, also known as an equatorial bulge. On Earth, that is roughly 43km. At 43km, we are travel lovers and our hope is that everyone can fulfill their dreams to see the world from equator to poles.


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