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Got some extra cash — like, five to six figures’ worth — burning a hole in your pocket? Well, do we have a place for you to go spend it:

MarketPlace for World Heritage: A new online donors’ platform


The MarketPlace for World Heritage is a new tool launched by the World Heritage Centre in July 2017. This donor-project ‘matching service’ tool fills a gap that has long existed between potential donors and projects seeking support to better protect and promote World Heritage.

Everything from Emergency Safeguarding of the Portico of the Temple of Bel in Palmyra

In summer 2016, the Temple of Bel, among other important archaeological monuments of the World Heritage Site of Palmyra, was intentionally destroyed.

An element of the structure of the Temple, the Portico, remained miraculously standing, testifying to the irremediable loss of this emblematic monument. Its state of conservation is deteriorating; rapid assessments show the destabilization of the structure and the fragile pilling of its constitutive stones, which has suffered from both the deflagration and destruction of the monument.

The emergency safeguarding of this structure, the thorough analysis of the available documentation, sound assessment of the damages and its consolidation, is an utmost priority…

to researching World Heritage Potential of Space Technology

The issues of identification and preservation of the heritage of science and technology have been discussed at a number of international meetings organized within the framework of the UNESCO Thematic Initiative “Astronomy and World Heritage”.

In this regard, questions have been raised by international community:

  • Exceptional technological sites, representations of human creative genius that emerged to serve the conquest of Space – do they belong to all humankind? 
  • Is it possible to recognize such sites under the World Heritage Convention?
  • Do scientific and technological sites have a place on the prestigious World Heritage List?

to our personal favorite, Developing an official UNESCO World Heritage Mobile application

World Heritage is one of the most internationally recognised protective labels for heritage in the world. Consequently, World Heritage sites are visited by people from all around the globe, who often use their mobile devices during their travels. However, there is presently no official UNESCO World Heritage application showcasing our world’s cultural and natural heritage.

This project aims to strengthen the implementation of the World Heritage Convention by introducing every World Heritage property to a wide audience via a highly interactive mobile application with a particular emphasis on protecting our cultural and natural heritage for future generations…

… something there for everyone!

So if you happen to have the proceeds of a newly minted liquidity event looking for something worthy to be be spent on, or if you know someone who does, then go check those projects out.

Us, well at the moment donations in kind are all we’re good for, but we’ve reached out to the mobile application people and we’ll see if anything comes of that!

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