Master Sitelist and Wonderlist (REV 2)

So if you were checking out the Sitelist or Wonderlist over the weekend, and you thought that what you were getting looked … unexpected …

… see, we were upgrading the code that generates them with all the latest data and adding cross-references to our visits and blog posts, and —

Test In Production

— but everything is shipshape now as far as the site listings go now; not fully cross-referenced yet, but the structure’s all there. So, hey, that’s only eight months since rev 1, go us. Next up, figure out some mapping technology; it is mildly embarassing that our alleged travel blog does not actually have any maps anywhere, isn’t it?

In the meantime, if you’d like to generate your own HTML visit lists, and you have a Mac, code and data is all up at alexcurylo/iso3166-flags-maps-worldheritage, help yourself!

Also, from now on it should be a good deal quicker to keep the Sitelist up to date; here’s the changes to the Tentative List since the last published version, August 8th 2017, in case you’re wondering:

73 sites in 27 countries

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any online notification of changes, so unless/until we get around to write something to scrape that site automatically, we’ll always be a bit behind. And that probably won’t be until we write an app for you to track your own travels, and that is on the list after a great many things indeed.

But hey, in the meantime at least now updating is much easier so we’ll probably do it often enough you’ll hardly notice the lag. Baby steps!

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