NomadMania’s #travel Clubs Review

Looking for a travel club to join? Our favorite is Most Traveled People, but NomadMania has the admirable mission of aggregating all major travel clubs’ lists plus their own — and in their latest newsletter have a great rundown, including some even we hadn’t heard of before:

ISSUE 171: Travel Clubs Review…


A review of the world’s Travel Clubs will always be an incomplete exercise. For sure there may be private, local or regional clubs in many corners of the world that we are far from aware of. But there are a few major ones that we know well – and what we are especially happy about is that NomadMania is the only one of these to include the lists of all the major international clubs of this type!

Circumnavigators Club

Founded in 1902, this is the oldest travel club we are aware of and is open to all who have circumnavigated the globe…

Traveler Century Club (TCC)

The TCC as it is known, is the ‘mother’ of many of the subsequent clubs. Formed in Los Angeles in 1954, this makes it 65 years old today…

Most Traveled People (MTP)

MTP was formed by Charles Veley in the U.S. and has been online since 2005…

Greatest Globetrotters

Much lesser known, with a simple design but quite an interesting concept…

World’s Extreme Travelers

The brainchild of Frank Groesse-Oetringhaus, this ‘systematic’ travel club takes many of the lists and combines them…

And there’s more: many more!

Personally, the two lists that we’re measuring our own travels against are up there in the header: the Sitelist of all the inscribed and tentative World Heritage Sites and the Wonderlist collecting the various New 7 Wonders list and finalists, because those strike us as the two ways to prioritize the most interesting places to visit —


p dir=”ltr”>— but there’s something for everyone, as the sheer number of these clubs proves, so check them out and find one (or all) that suit your interests!

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