Plant Your Way Around The World

Now here’s a good read on an interesting option for your voluntourism explorations: You love nature? Want to really, really, get into the natural world? Well, how about getting jobs making more of it?

Plant Your Way Around the World as a Volunteer

Plant Your Way Around The World



Tree planting is typically the physical act of putting trees into the ground. It can also be termed as forestry, forestry work, conservation, and reforestation. These are just many ways we can describe people who work in the woodlands and put trees back into the ground.


Tree planting as a volunteer is a great way to plant your way around the world. You can travel and work and the skill is highly sought in many countries, even your home country. So although you can walk into tree planting with no experience or qualifications, you will leave a much healthier person who knows they have done some good in the world. When you return home you will have a valuable set of skills and experience that might start you on a new forestry career. In Scotland, you can work in tree planting with no qualifications and walk away with £2000 – £3000 a month…

Sounds like a pretty good deal compared to the general run of unskilled labour, doesn’t that?

How to get started as a tree planting volunteer

There are many ways you can begin your travels as a tree planter. The first is to find a company who specializes in reforestation volunteer trips and pay them a fee to get your set up and ready to start to plant your way around the world. One of our favourites so far is Go Abroad who offer a number of reforestation trips abroad including Cambodia, Paraguay, and Zambia. They also offer more specific tree planting trips including Costa Rica and South Africa.

Earthday offers a number of tree planting options including reforestation, planting trees at schools and also replanting trees in urban areas. You can get involved in a number of ways, but if you cannot being to plant your way around the world now you can simply donate to help plant trees.

If you are looking for a less structured, and usually cheaper, tree planting trip then you can consider work exchange websites like HelpX and Workaway. Both of these usually have a yearly fee to be able to contact employers but the benefits outweigh the costs greatly. You can search specific countries and can work in so many different industries it is unreal! These are a great way to get started on a less formal tree planting experience.

That’s a solid collection of links to check out for volunteering abroad in general as well as tree planting in particular, check them out!


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