School On The High Seas: Class Afloat 2020

You know how “experiential travel” is the latest fashionable trend and all I’m sure Dear Readers, and no doubt you’ve also heard about “experiential learning” —

— but how about combining the two?

Well, as it happens, our alumni newsletter showed up the other day with the announcement of the 2020-21 iteration of what we believe is unquestionably the best experiential experience of combining learning and travel thaat we’ve ever had, and we suspect that most people have ever had or will have:



Class Afloat offers rigorous and internationally acclaimed academic programmes for Grade 11, 12, University and Gap year students while they sail the world’s oceans aboard a majestic tall ship. Class Afloat has a long legacy of commitment to academic excellence, community service, leadership and personal development since first setting sail over 30 years ago.

In 1984, under the banner of International Youth Year, the United Nations invited schools and agencies worldwide to interpret the themes of “participation, development, and peace”. In response to that call and with a commitment to those themes, Class Afloat- West Island College International was formed. Since 1984, over 1700 Class Afloat students have sailed more than 700,000 nautical miles to over 250 ports of call worldwide…

As it happens, we did our high school senior year on the very first Class Afloat waaaaaay back in the day on the STS Pogoria. There’s been quite a number of ships since then, and the experience has been, shall we say, refined significantly, but the adventurousness quotient of that very first 24-country Montréal around Africa and back trip in a world where mobile phones didn’t exist yet, never mind iPhones, and no one outside a few nerds had ever heard of this “Internet” thingy was far more substantial. Far. More. Indeed.

Any-ways, all paleolithic reminiscing aside, if the available curricula match something your favorite student has in mind —

  • High School Curriculum for grades 11 & 12, fully accredited by the Ministry of Education, Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • Students enrolled in a Grade 12 programme are prepared for a Nova Scotia Ministry of Education High School Diploma.
  • Class Afloat is a Quebec Ministry of Education approved partner of Cégep Marie-Victorin.
  • University students earn credits through Acadia University in Nova Scotia, Canada.


p dir=”ltr”>— then we thoroughly encourage you to check it out and apply!





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