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If you’re reading this it’s probably a safe assumption you’re always looking for ways to make more money to travel with … and ideally, to make money while you’re traveling, amirite?

Since you are almost certainly taking many many photos anyways, that’s a fairly obvious avenue to explore. You might think that becoming a professional photographer requires training, or talent, or anything much…

… well no. No, it really doesn’t.

And to prove that assumption beyond any possible doubt, check out this:


That’s our first Shutterstock listed photo, from Beng Mealea part of the Angkor Wat complex. And what did that take?

1. Being there
2. an iPhone
3. Applying to Shutterstock
4. No … no, there’s only 3.

No training, no investment aside from traveling there with your phone … can’t beat that as a way to start becoming a travel photography professional, can you?

Mind you, we’re not professionals yet, as no one has purchased that photo since it went live yesterday … but feel free to be the first!

For future trips, we’re going to make a plan of always taking two shots at particularly scenic locations, and pick one to upload to Shutterstock, and one to submit to OUR PLACE: The World Heritage Collection. Doing well by doing good, that’s the ticket!

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