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Now here’s a way to get free accommodation that we didn’t mention in the housesitting post, had never heard of in fact until we noted a post on the Airmule courier flights site: TalkTalkBnb!


TalkTalkBnb is free to use.
No money changes hands between subscribers.
Your hosts take care of you free of charge. All they want in return is for you to talk to them in your native language, so they can improve.
That’s all!


Supper, a bed for the night and breakfast. 
Your hosts welcome you like a member of the family. Taste local specialties in a warm and convivial atmosphere.
What other concept could offer you as much?


Forget mass tourism and discover the real way to travel, to meet local people and experience local customs.

As A. David-Néel used to say:
“Travelling without meeting anyone isn’t travelling.
It’s just moving from place to place.”

So, y’know, like Couchsurfing without the weird stories, or of course awesome stories, depending on your inclinations —

— so if you want to hop on that whole experiential travel thing

Experiential Travel: Why Cooking And Photography Classes Are The Hottest New Trend

doing amateur language instruction is a pretty nifty way to go about it, we say!

h/t: AirMule!

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