The Blooming Flower Season in Thailand

Suvarnabhumi Airport — that’s BKK Bangkok, for our Dear Farang Readers — has a campaign of the month to show you all what happens as the brutal cold Southeast Asian winter descends upon these parts: that means it’s…

The Blooming Flower Season in Thailand

The Blooming Flower Season in Thailand

Ah, yes. Had we forgotten why we moved to Thailand? No, actually we hadn’t, but it’s always enjoyable to be reminded yet again. Let’s take a look at their highlights:

Little Ruby Flower Field at the Canvas Botique Camp in Ratchaburi:

Little Ruby Flower Field

Red Lotus Lake in Sakhon Nakon:

Red Lotus Lake

Phu Lom Lo in Phitsanulok:

Phu Lom Lo

Thung Bok Dua Tong in Mae Hung Son:

Tung Bua Tong

Phu Ruea in Loei:

Christmas Tree Phu Ruea

So if you’re from parts where pictures like that are not generally associated with terms like “cold” and “winter” — you’re blooming welcome to blooming visit the blooming season here in Thailand!

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