The World’s Coolest #travel Jobs

Looking for a job that incudes travel? Well, aren’t we all! Here’s a great article from the team at online travel magazine AFAR going over your most common options and lots of resources to get started:

The World’s Coolest Travel Jobs—and How to Get Them

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Beyond backpacking, bartending, and busking, these are some of the most popular professions for the exploration-obsessed.

Some people love travel so much, they make it their job. Pilots and hotel general managers are among the highest-profile occupations within the tourism sector, but there are countless other travel-intensive gigs that don’t fall squarely within the industry (polar scientistswildlife photographerstouring magicians, and Doctors Without Borders among them).

Other ways to merge work with travel include becoming a traveling nurse, volunteering with the Peace Corps, or finding a job as a tour guide, yoga teacher, or scuba instructor. Here, we look at seven of the most common travel jobs—plus the ups, the downs, and resources for pursuing them…

The seven professions they go over are

  • Flight attendant
  • English teacher
  • Social media influencer
  • Cruise ship captain
  • Foreign service officer
  • Au pair
  • Ski instructor

To that last one, yep skiing is good, but it’s pretty seasonal; we’d pick ’scuba instructor’ as the one that should be at the top of your list for anything in the instructor category — can confirm that here in Thailand there are hundreds if not thousands of farang working as divemasters and instructors in the scuba industry, and a PADI Instructor is likely to be able to find employment at a shore operation, resort, or liveaboard operation just about anywhere around the globe!

However, our real recommendation is that you look for expat opportunities in your chosen career field: to take ourselves as an example, whilst we work away here at seeing if we can make the social media influencer thing into a full time job, here we are in electric Bangkok working away on the iOS app —

— and if you’d like to join us, check out the Thailand jobs at Careers At Agoda, we’re hiring literally dozens of Android and iOS engineers with full relocation packages! —

— it’s particularly easy to do so if you have computing skills, because places like Stack Overflow Jobs let you easily filter by work location (or remote), visa sponsorship, and paid relocation. Probably other fields have similar expat-hunting job sites too, if you know of any let us know and we’ll add them here…


p dir=”ltr”>… and a professional expat job in an awesome city like Bangkok, well we figure that’s the best compromise there is between a well paying job and expanding your travel horizons!


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